KEA - Better by Design and Experience

Road proven Motorhomes

The KEA Story

Britz and Maui, two of Australia’s most iconic campervan rental brands, have a vehicle sales brand called KEA.

So when Aussies just like you are looking to buy the very best motorhome, look no further than your local KEA dealer. Because our motorhomes are built on a Volkswagen, Mercedes or Toyota chassis, you are guaranteed world renowned engineering, reliability and safety. Plus they are built tough for our Britz and Maui rental fleet. Having been ‘at home on the road’ since 1948, KEA takes design, technology, innovation and customer comforts to the next level. So wherever the road may take you, you’ll feel right at home.

And unlike other manufacturers who use cheaper truck-based or bus-based vehicles, our motorhomes are designed to offer the superior comfort, handling and fuel efficiency you can only get with a motorhome built on a van chassis.

Our Motorhomes are built for our Britz and Maui campervan rental fleet, all our vehicles have been designed and manufactured to withstand Australia’s testing road conditions.