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Motorhome Review: KEA HiTop and KEA Jackpot


Motorhome Review: KEA HiTop and KEA Jackpot

Date Posted: 22nd January 2020


They may look like clones superficially, but it's what lies inside that distinguishes the KEA HiTop and KEA Jackpot. I recently conducted a comparo on this ex-rental duo and while they present as dead ringers, it's the antithesis internally! It's quite refreshing to see to see how the two models have been carefully thought out and designed to offer very different options with the smaller space available.

Motorhome Review: KEA Navigator T555 4 Berth

Motorhome Review: KEA Navigator T555 4 Berth

Date Posted: 10th January 2020

KEA’s Navigator T555 motorhome is set up for touring and ease of driving. On my adventure with it around the north-west region of Victoria for this review, it was pretty much a matter of get-in-and-go. The purpose of this review was to see just how comfortable it would fit a family of four (or a couple) and how well it would drive with this in mind.