7 reasons to consider motorhoming in your retirement

Awesome benefits to owning a motorhome

7 reasons to consider motorhoming in your retirement

Whether it’s for travel, or to live in permanently, owning a new or used motorhome offers many great benefits once you reach retirement.

Retirement is the perfect time to discover the RV lifestyle. Make the most of not having to work by travelling to all those parts of Australia you’ve always wanted to explore. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to head off on long weekends or holidays when the mood strikes. You may even decide to embrace a complete lifestyle change and live in a motorhome full-time!

If you’ve been thinking about buying a motorhome, you no doubt have lots of questions! Should I buy a used motorhome or new? Which is the best small motorhome? Where can I find motorhome reviews? Where should I look for motorhomes for sale? Don’t worry – we’ve got all the answers!

In this blog, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about motorhoming in retirement, including these 7 great benefits:


  1. 1. Motorhoming is a great way to make friends in retirement
  2. 2. You can explore more of Australia
  3. 3. Say goodbye to regular home maintenance
  4. 4. Stay healthy in body and mind
  5. 5. Motorhomes can be a great way to enjoy your nest egg
  6. 6. Spend more time with friends and family
  7. 7. Enjoy travelling at your own pace


We’ll also take a look at the motorhome need-to-knows, including:


Let’s get started!


1. Motorhoming is a great way to make friends in retirement


Once you retire, you may feel a loss of social connection with work colleagues and customers. Some retirees can start to feel isolated and lack companionship during this time of life.

Buying a motorhome and exploring Australia is a great way to meet like-minded friends. There is a great sense of community among motorhome and campervan travellers. RV owners love sharing their travel adventures, sharing tips on motorhome maintenance, and getting together over drinks and nibbles.

Many RV owners keep in touch on social media too. It’s a great way to arrange meet-ups, find out about motorhoming events, and get handy tips and advice.

You’ll soon find that you’re bumping into familiar faces as you travel and before you know it… you’ve got a whole new community of great friends!

elderly couple in motorhome park socialising



2. You can explore more of Australia


Australia is a big, beautiful country full of endless wonder. It would be a shame not to explore it, especially when you have time on your hands!

It is so easy to explore new areas of the country when you are the one at the wheel. Whether you like sticking to a pre-planned itinerary, or you want to follow the road and see where you go, a motorhome lets you choose either option.

Travelling by motorhome is all about discovery, exploration, and the freedom to broaden your horizons. Take your time to explore the backroads you’ve always driven straight past, visit remote beaches, or travel to events and festivals … all without worrying about accommodation!


3. Say goodbye to regular home maintenance


Many retirees love motorhoming so much, they make it a full-time lifestyle. One of the many reasons is that it’s a lot easier to clean and maintain a motorhome than a house!

As you reach retirement, it may start to feel harder to keep up with general chores and maintenance around the home. Tasks like cleaning the pool, mowing the lawn, or regular house maintenance can start to take a toll on the body.

Living in a motorhome saves a lot of time and effort when it comes to cleaning and household upkeep. And if the lawn starts to get a little long where you’re staying – you can just drive away and forget it!

elderly couple at the beach exploring Australia


4. Stay healthy in body and mind


Staying active as we get older is crucial for the health of our body and mind. But when you’re at home, it can be difficult to feel enthusiastic about getting out and about. And walking the same streets day after day starts to get boring!

In Australia, there are endless glorious places to explore. From beaches and reserves to country towns and big cities. You’ll be having such a great time discovering new sights you won’t even realise you’re suddenly a whole lot more active. But you might just find that you’re feeling more mobile, motivated, and inspired to do new things! [Insert image of elderly people walking together ]


5. Motorhomes can be a great way to enjoy your nest egg


Once you retire, it’s likely you won’t have as much income as you’re used to. But you might have a nest egg you’re ready to start enjoying. Travelling or living in a motorhome during your retirement can actually save you a lot of money.

Holidays become a lot more affordable because you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive motels or airfares. You’ve also got your own kitchen so you can enjoy home-cooked, inexpensive meals rather than eating out.

If you choose to live in your motorhome, the savings quickly add up! The RV lifestyle can be far more cost-effective than maintaining a home and all the extra costs that go with home ownership.


6. Spend more time with friends and family


When you are travelling or living in a motorhome, it becomes a whole lot easier to visit your loved ones. Got grandkids who live out of state? They’re the perfect excuse for a road trip! It’s as easy as turning on your engine and driving.

When you visit friends and family in your motorhome, you’ve always got your own private space for time out when you need it. It also means they don’t have to worry about setting up a guest room or finding space. You can just park up on the driveway and you’re set!


7. Enjoy travelling at your own pace


When you travel by motorhome, you can create your own adventures to suit. Adjust your travel schedule as needed and go at a pace you are comfortable with. Want to extend your stay at a great campsite for another couple of days? Go for it! You can choose how often you want to stop along the way as well, with no pressure to get to the next destination on time.


Why is a motorhome better than a caravan?


Struggling to decide whether you should go for a motorhome or caravan? Each has its own benefits, however, travelling in a motorhome might be more suitable for retirees. Here’s why:

1. No need to worry about a tow vehicle

While a motorhome combines your vehicle and accommodation in one, a caravan is just half of the equation! You’ll also need to have a suitable tow vehicle. Unless you’ve already got one, it may mean purchasing a bigger car that is capable of towing the weight of a caravan. Having a caravan and a tow vehicle also means you’ll need to have enough space at home to park two vehicles.

2. Better for travelling around the country

If travelling around Australia is your main goal, you can’t go wrong with a motorhome. Not only does a motorhome offer an extremely comfortable travelling environment, but it’s also easier to drive, reverse, and find a parking spot if you want to stop during your travels.

3. Easy to park and set up

Attaching and detaching a caravan takes time and effort. With a motorhome, you can just jump in and go!


What is the best motorhome for a retired couple?


Ready to consider buying a motorhome? At KEA Motorhomes, you’ll find a wide variety of new and used motorhomes for sale.

Whether you’re travelling alone, or plan to have the grandkids join you often, KEA has a motorhome to suit. Our motorhomes come in a range of sizes, from compact 2-person motorhomes to big and spacious 6-berth models.

Finding the best motorhome to suit your needs will depend on a few factors:

1. Your budget: If you are on a tighter budget, a used motorhome is a less expensive option. However, if money is no issue, you might prefer to opt for a new motorhome.

2. How much space you would like: If you’re travelling as a couple for holidays only, you may be suited to a smaller, 2-person motorhome. If you’re planning on living in your motorhome, you may be more suited to a larger 6-berth motorhome. Although you may not need the extra beds, a 6-berth motorhome offers more space and living configuration options.

3. Whether mobility issues are a concern: If joint and back issues are a concern, you’ll want something a little more spacious so you can move around freely. You’ll also want a bed that is easy to get in and out of. Low door entry, electric steps, and a wider habitation door are also worth looking out for.

To help you research the best motorhomes, it’s a good idea to check out motorhome reviews. You can also head to some of the motorhome shows and expos that take place regularly throughout the year.


elderly couple in motorhome


Top motorhome picks for a retired couple 


KEA Motorhomes has a great range of new and used motorhomes to suit every type of traveller. Here are our top recommendations:


The KEA River M721

The 6-berth KEA River M721 has all the comforts of home. At 7.21 metres, it offers loads of space for the whole family.

This fantastic motorhome has three double beds including a club lounge that can be converted into a bed. This motorhome also has a large central dinette space for enjoying family meals together. And for housing all your gear and RV accessories, the River M721 includes a large rear storage hatch.


KEA Discovery

The KEA Discovery, is a more compact motorhome at 6.6-metres which makes it easy to drive and park.

This four-berth motorhome includes a drop-down bed above the rear lounge. The lounge can also be converted into a bed. The benefit of a drop-down bed is that it can be left permanently made up – just push the button to lower the bed and you’re set!


Enjoy retirement with a motorhome


Ready to enjoy your retirement to the fullest? Join the thousands of other retirees who are doing precisely that by travelling Australia by motorhome for holidays or to live in full time.

Excited at the idea of owning a motorhome? Check out our trusted, quality range of motorhomes for sale. With a great range of new and used motorhomes, KEA has something for everyone.

Not sure if a motorhome is right for you? Why not give it a trial run? KEA Motorhomes lets you try before you buy.

Need more information or advice? Our helpful team of experts is always available to answer your questions so please do contact us for a friendly chat. We are always happy to help!