Best ways to keep your RV cosy

Here are our top tips on how to keep your RV feeling cosy

Best Ways To Keep Your RV Cosy

There is nothing better than being cosy at home, except maybe feeling cosy in your home on wheels. We are seeing more and more people buying campervans with the intention of living in them full time. People are drawn to the possibility of being able to live cheaply while travelling. But, no matter if you’re living in an RV full-time or using it for holidays, it’s important to enjoy the space you’re in. 

Most RVs and motorhomes come with a standard design in order to cater to a wide range of tastes. But that shouldn't stop you from making it your own as you head out on road trip adventures.  

Whether you prefer DIY RV maintenance or hiring a motorhome specialist to help you with your RV interiors, there are plenty of ways to modify your motorhome to suit your style as well as to make it a home-away-from-home. So before you hit the road next, consider our top tips on how to keep your RV feeling cosy.


15 tips for making your RV cosy


The Danish concept of  ‘hygge’ refers to finding cosy comfort and contentment. When it comes to hygge, it is all about the small things that make for a cosy, happy home. When you’re thinking about how you can keep your RV cosy, think about the things that make you feel happy. 

You can opt for significant modifications and refurbishments to your campervan to change the space. However, you can also make plenty of little changes to the space that will transform your RV's look and feel. These are our top 15 tips for making your RV a cosy retreat. 


1. Good Storage Space

We all have grand plans of travelling light, but it's rarely a reality. Ensure you have storage solutions for all your gear, including bedding, clothing and food. The right storage will maximise your space to get the most out of your RV. 

This may be as simple as investing in a few storage boxes or baskets to keep things nice and organised on the road. This will look great and help keep everything in its place.


2. Air Conditioning and Heating


Ensure your home away from home is as comfortable as possible. No matter if you’re planning to travel south in the winter where the temperature becomes cool, or north towards Far North Queensland where the summers are burning hot, you’ll want to be able to control the temperature in your RV - just as you would at home. 

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep on the road, and it’s hard to sleep in extreme temperatures. Being able to control the temperature in your RV will help you keep well-rested, which is super important when driving long distances. Many motorhomes come with roof-top air-conditioners as well as heaters already installed, but make sure yours is up to the task before you set off.


3. Awning



In Australia, an awning is essential for providing shade so you can do what should come naturally while on holiday – sit back and relax. This is useful in summer months and winter – there’s nothing quite like enjoying the view on a sunny yet crisp, bluebird winter’s day.

Want to go upmarket? Invest in an electric awning that requires only the push of a button – too easy!


4. Insect Screen


Bugs are the bane of every traveller’s existence. Flyscreens will ensure you can get a lovely flowing breeze through the van without any unwanted winged guests. It will also save your lungs by removing the need to spray chemical-laden bug spray every five minutes. Trust us when we say you’ll feel instantly cosier the second that insect screen is installed. 


5. Solar Panels 


There’s nothing cosier than curling up under the stars. Off-grid camping is an incredible experience, but unfortunately, this drains your power supplies. Installing solar panels to your RV will allow you to make the most of nature’s free energy source. Solar panels will enable you to keep your batteries topped up without frequently visiting a powered campsite.


6. A Smart TV


We all talk about the joys of heading off in your motorhome to the great unknown to travel to new places. It’s wonderful to be able to see new sights and meet other like-minded travellers. But, occasionally, we all appreciate the comforts of home and simply feel like snuggling up inside to watch some TV.

When choosing where to install your smart TV in your campervan conversion, make sure the television is in a position that suits those travelling. Consider whether you want to watch TV from the bed or prefer it to be angled towards the living area.  


7. Fridge


While it’s true that bigger fridges will chew through a little more power, they will also help you stay well-fed and hydrated and avoid having to visit the shops every few days for essentials. 

Canned and packaged foods are great for longevity, but a fridge can keep all your fresh food cool and unspoiled for longer (not to mention it’s rather nice to have a chilled beverage on hand at the end of a long day travelling and sightseeing).


8. Comfortable Bed


Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? Especially when you’re exploring new places all day long. When it comes to buying a campervan, something you should prioritise is a good sleeping area. You’ll likely be sharing parks and campsites with people who stay up later or get up earlier than you, so you’ve got to make it count when you sleep. 

There are hundreds of different layout options available from the wide range of motorhome brands available on the market. But, one thing to note is that a lumpy mattress will not cut it. Instead, opt for a quality custom foam mattress from specialist stores like Clark Rubber


9. Soft Furnishings 


Adding some soft furnishings can be a great way to make your RV feel just like home. Don’t underestimate how much adding cushions, blankets, and linens can transform the space. 


10. Lanterns


Your outdoor space can be cosy too! Lanterns are a great way to add some lighting to your outdoor area. Sit outside in one of the many RV-friendly towns in Australia and enjoy a lovely glass of red in this cosy new set-up.


11. Outdoor Flooring


Level up your outdoor area with some outdoor flooring. You’ll love the indoor-outdoor flow, and you’ll instantly feel like you have more space.


12. Plants


Adding a touch of greenery to your RV can really improve the space. Succulents are a great low maintenance plant that can thrive on the road. Or try getting a devil's Ivy and watching it grow over the years and adventures. 

Top tip: Be aware of the quarantine restrictions as you travel around Australia. If you are planning a big lap, it may be worthwhile investing in some fake look-alikes! Some states do not permit plants to travel across borders.


13. Ambient Lighting 


Photo by Silvio Bergamo on Unsplash

Lighting is such a simple way to make your campervan interior cosy. Try swapping out your white downlights for a more ambient warm LED light. These are still campervan-friendly on your power system but are far homier, and ‘hygge’ as the Danish would say. 

If you are looking for the cheapest campervan lighting, why not just add some fairy lights. These are just as beautiful and ambient, without the price tag of modifying your motorhome.


14. Your Favourite Mug


There’s nothing cosier than waking up on the road and enjoying that first mug of coffee while looking out at your new front yard views. Bringing a few of your home essentials for those cosy morning rituals can make all the difference. Pack a few of your favourite mugs to drink from, and it’ll feel like home in no time. 


15. Wall Decor


Decorating your RV interior is another great way to make the space feel more like home. Inject your personality into your RV, get creative and add some vibrant wall decor. Feel like you are being transported to a Hawaiian beach with palm-laden wallpaper or keep it modern, fresh and simple with wooden laminate - the opportunities are endless. 


Are you ready to level up your RV?


So there you have it, our top tips for keeping your RV cosy. Improving the space to suit your personal style with just a few little adjustments can make such a huge difference. Your RV will not only be an adventure machine but soon become your favourite place to be. 

If you are looking for some help to enhance your campervan, chat with our KEA team by visiting our branch online.  Alternatively, if you are new to the space and van life is calling you, check out our range of campervans for sale today