Motorhome Maintenance

Tips on How to Take Care of Your RV Inside-Out

Motorhome Maintenance

Today’s motorhome is a very sophisticated piece of machinery, certainly in the engine compartment, but almost as much in the ‘house’ area as well. Mechanical and electrical systems are very complex and fuel injection/turbo diesel engines aren’t something easily tuned in the home workshop. 

Raising the bonnet of a contemporary motorhome engine reveals a few yellow coloured caps and dipsticks for checking and that is about it. Many an electrical system consists of nothing more than a touch panel for interface. However, that does not mean there is nothing to do, indeed there is plenty.  Here’s a bit of a check list of items that can be attended to:



  • Thorough wash down, including the awning and rooftop
  • Check vents to make sure they are free of dust, dirt and insects
  • Look at any compartments for water leaks
  • Head underneath for anything hanging down or loose
  • Check hoses (gas/water) and connections for leaks
  • Look at all lights (road and house) to make sure they are working correctly
  • Check electricals (batteries, chargers, inverters, solar panels and generator) are all connected and working properly
  • Inspect all electrical power cords, particularly those used outside


  • Overall clean and dust, including curtains and seat covers
  • Give bathroom and kitchen areas a general clean and check for leaks inside cupboards
  • Damp check inside all cupboards and hard to get at/dark places around the ceiling areas
  • Check all doors/drawers open and shut properly
  • Review smoke alarm and gas detector function


  • Engine maintenance and tuning
  • Electrical and gas systems work
  • Warranty work
  • Anything you don’t understand

Regular servicing and inspection may well prevent an annoying but early detected issue becoming a very expensive problem. It may also give time to get quotes and organise the most appropriate time for repairs/maintenance.