Considering investing in your very own RV?

We are here to help you decide if you want to take the plunge!

Pros And Cons Of Owning An RV

We've gathered together a list of the pros and cons of owning an RV from those who of-know best and have some reasons to help you decide if you want to take the plunge. That way, you can decide if the RV ownership is worth it for you and your family.

Considering investing in your very own RV? Congratulations!

Right now, you might be feeling a mixture of excitement and curiosity while you weigh up all the options (and there are quite a few options to think about!). No matter if you're dreaming about a top-spec RV, a modest campervan or a simple van conversion, we know it can feel a bit overwhelming knowing what to consider when buying a motorhome, so we're going back to basics and starting at the beginning.

We've gathered together a list of the pros and cons of owning an RV from those who know best and have some reasons to help you decide if you want to take the plunge. That way, you can decide if motorhome ownership is worth it for you and your family. Let's get started.



Pros of Owning an RV



Owning an RV is so much more than simply owning a vehicle that can take you from place to place; it's a lifestyle! You'll be able to spend quality time with loved ones, see and experience new and beautiful places, live a more minimalist life and experience the outdoors like never before.

No matter if your camper is just kept for long weekends or becomes your home-away-from-home for months at a time, there are plenty of great reasons to invest in a motorhome.


Home away from home


There's no need to bid goodbye to your creature comforts just because you want to reconnect with nature or get out of the big city. With modern RVs and campers, you can still enjoy all your home comforts while you're out and about, whether on a weekend getaway or a more extended adventure.

You'll have a fully equipped kitchen at your fingertips, plus plenty of storage, comfortable beds, a tv. If you want to stay connected, you can even install wifi and bring along your devices. That way, you can travel in style and comfort.

Or, consider giving up your devices for a while and go back to basics. Swap out social media for a social board game instead.

Owning a motorhome allows you to ditch the rental homes or campervans and gives you your own space that is ready for you to use at any time. No more bookings, no more missing out.


Work from anywhere



Remote working has never been more accessible than it is right now. If you're in a role that allows you to work from anywhere, then why would you simply stay at home? Grab your laptop, install a fast and reliable wifi connection in your new camper and hit the road.

Imagine what a new outlook could do for your creativity, workplace happiness and overall mood. The saying goes, "a change is as good as a holiday". Why not give yourself a change of scenery and a holiday all in one and say goodbye to working from your boring kitchen table.

Camper owners have mastered the work-from-home set-up. Check out how they've done it in our working from anywhere guide.


Be your own tour guide


Gone are the days of the tightly packed itinerary and the stress of going on holiday! You no longer need to rely on accommodation providers, trains or buses, or go through the rigmarole of airport security and rush around only to sit and wait for your holiday to begin. When you're ready to go, just pack your campervan, charge up your rechargeables and hit the road. You'll be away in a matter of hours.

Buying a campervan might mean spending a bit of money now, but think how much you'll save when it comes to the cost of your time away. By owning a motorhome, you no longer need to budget for hotel nights, eating 3-square-meals a day out at cafes and restaurants, and those crazy expensive tickets to get anywhere.

And when it comes to planning your getaways? There are plenty of great resources to help you find recommended routes and the best RV parks near you. You can always decide 'where to next', and you're only ever on your own timeline. Bliss!


Rent out your camper


The sharing economy is in full swing, so it's no surprise that there is a market for privately rented motorhomes or RVs for short breaks. Need some time to build up towards more extensive trips while you get used to camper life? Then make some money back on your investment and rent it out when you're not using it. It's a great way to keep your camper running smoothly and save on storage costs.

Check out sites like SHAREaCAMPER and explore how other campervan owners are renting out their motorhomes.


Motorhomes can hold their value


Unlike some other investments, where the value drops very quickly after purchase, motorhomes can offer a very good return on investment should you choose to sell. At the RV Sales Centre, we are always on the lookout for good quality motorhomes and campervans. Most branches offer both trade-ins when you're ready to move up a level, or buyback plans if you're hoping to plan one extended trip of a lifetime with your campervan before moving it on.


Be part of the RV community



Campers, Vanlifers and RV owners are some of the friendliest people in the world! You'll be a part of a community that loves life on the road as much as you do. You'll meet new friends, make wonderful memories, and share travel stories with other people who 'just get it!'.

You can even join Australia's largest RV club, the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia. In fact, KEA provides a one-year CMCA membership to all our new customers who are not already CMCA members so that you can learn tips and tricks from the best.


Cons of owning a motorhome


As with any big decision, you should take some time to consider how much use you'll get out of your new campervan before you commit to purchasing one. Remember, you can always rent a camper and try before you buy to ensure it's a lifestyle you truly enjoy. Here we cover some of the downsides of motorhome ownership.


It's a significant investment


Buying a motorhome is no impulse purchase, so you'll need to have a good look at your planned spending and see how this fits in the mix. But, don't let the cost of a motorhome discourage you completely. You'll find plenty of finance options available to help you manage the initial investment while getting you on the road. You'll also find the cost can vary depending on if you're buying brand new or used, and the different number of, and types, of features. Think about exactly what you need, look for options that meet those needs, and work with your budget.


Storage & maintenance costs



When considering your new motorhome, don't forget to think about where it will live when you're not using it, and how you'll keep it running between uses.

Will you have room for your RV in your garage, or do you need to factor in the cost of storage elsewhere? An online calculator can help you to understand how much you might need to budget for this.

Consider the cost of servicing your motorhome too. If your local trusted mechanic doesn't have the skills, experience or space to work on your camper, then you may need to find a specialist to help. That can be difficult when there aren't many specialists around. Luckily at KEA, we have experts available to help with all your motorhome needs.


On the road costs


While your motorhome might reduce the need to pay for expensive flights and over-the-top hotels, running an RV doesn't come without a cost. You'll be paying for gas, campsites and other resources to help you stay on the go. But thinking about the amazing views just out your doorsteps every day, it's totally worth it!


Road trip vs international travel


If you're not fussed about international travel, then a motorhome might be right for you.

Suppose you have dreams and aspirations of visiting Europe, South America, Africa... or anywhere else for that matter, though? In that case, a campervan might not be the best investment for you right now. However, it's always good to have the option of driving around Australia freely whenever you feel like it. 

RVs make for great tools to help you explore everything Australia has to offer. Still, you may need to consider how you'll explore Western Australia if you're based in New South Wales or vice versa. Are you committing to a cross-country drive, or will you wear the cost of transporting your motorhome to your next destination?


Talk to an expert


So there you have it - a quick-fire list of pros and cons of owning a motorhome from people who have been there and loved it. If you're still questioning whether buying a motorhome is a good investment or thinking about what to consider when buying an RV, why not contact one of our certified KEA dealers?

They can help you create a checklist for buying a campervan, answer your questions about how much you should spend on a motorhome and provide more advice and insights. Get in touch or find out more about our services.