Top Tips For A Comfortable Summer Road Trip In Australia

Explore this beautiful country in your motorhome during summertime

Top Tips For A Comfortable Summer Road Trip In Australia

Ah… summer! The days are long and hot, and the smell of sunblock fills the air. It’s the ultimate time to plan the quintessential Australian road trip! Nothing heralds summer better than the excitement of packing up the motorhome with swimming gear, sunblock, the barbecue, and an esky full of cold bevvies!

Travelling by motorhome is the ultimate way to experience the best things to do in Australia. But as anyone who has taken a roadie in summer knows, Australia’s weather can be very hot. So, if you’re planning to explore Australia by motorhome, it pays to take a few extra steps to ensure everyone is kept cool and comfortable.

In this blog, we’ve put together some top tips to help you prepare for your summer motorhome holiday. Looking at used motorhomes for sale? These tips will also help you be mindful of what to look for when buying a motorhome.

Our top tips for a comfortable summer roadtrip include: 


Let’s get into it!


Keep your cooling-system-efficient


Your motorhome’s air conditioning unit is likely to be put to good use when travelling in summer! Therefore, it’s important to ensure that it is up to the task. We recommend taking the following steps:

Check the outside cover of your unit and ensure it’s clean and free from dirt and debris.

Check the seals and screws around your air conditioning unit to ensure they’re in good condition and that there are no leaks.

Wash the filters regularly. To do this, remove the filter and wash well in soapy water then leave it to dry in the sun. You may need to replace the filters once they become too worn to wash and reuse.

TOP TIP: To help your cooling system work most efficiently, keep your motorhome’s windows and doors closed during the day. This helps trap the cooler air. You can then open up your windows and doors during the evening when it’s not so hot.


Put up some bug screens


There’s nothing more annoying on a summer night than an elusive mozzie buzzing in your ear! Many motorhomes have bug screens installed on the windows and doors. If not, it’s worth considering having these fitted. This way you can enjoy fresh cool air on those hot nights while keeping the bugs out.


Avoid cooking indoors on hot days


Who wants to slave over a hot stove on a hot day? Pretty much no one in our experience! Summer gives you the perfect excuse to keep the stove switched off. The extra heat from cooking will also increase the temperature inside your motorhome, and who wants that? Besides, summer is all about outdoor barbecues and picnics. So be sure to pack your portable barbecue to use in the shade. You might also consider opting for fresh, chilled foods instead. Salad and cold cuts or gourmet sandwiches followed by fresh fruit always go down a treat in summer.


Be aware of the weather


Summer in Australia is, well… hot! And some areas, such as the Northern Territory, can reach temperatures in the high 30s. It can also be very wet over summer in this part of Aussie, so bear this in mind from December through February. It pays to check the latest Australia weather forecast regularly as you travel. When you’re ready to set up, try to position your campervan to get the best possible breeze.


Park in a shaded spot


If you are taking your Australian road trip during the peak summer heat, it is always a good idea to park in the shade when you can. If possible, try and angle your motorhome so that the windows are facing away from the sun. Booking a campsite and arriving early will increase your chances of getting the best spot!


Invest in an RV awning


An awning is a must-have motorhome accessory for summer. RV awnings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all makes of motorhome, campervan, and caravan. Not only does an awning provide much-needed shade and sun protection, but it can also help create a defined outdoor living space. Some awnings act like an extra room and can also be used as a play area for kids or for extra storage.


Cover windows during the day


Just like at home, keeping your motorhome windows covered during the day will help prevent the sun from heating up the interior. The largest window area in your motorhome is likely to be in the cab. You may like to block it off with a curtain that separates the cab and living area. Don’t forget to cover your skylights too if your motorhome has them.


Use window awnings


Along with an outdoor awning, consider installing window awnings. These attach above the window on the outside of your motorhome. They help decrease the amount of sunlight that enters the vehicle, which means it will stay cooler for longer.


Increase ventilation with vent covers


Along with hot sunny days, summer can also throw in rain and drizzle just for a bit of variety! That can mean having to close your motorhome vents to keep the interior dry. The solution is to use vent covers. These handy devices mean you can keep your vents open allowing fresh air to circulate inside your motorhome whatever the weather.


Be clever with your power usage


Try to keep electronic equipment turned off during the day. Electronic gear such as TVs and computers can emit quite a bit of heat. And in a small space such as a motorhome, this can have a significant effect on the overall temperature.

Where possible, switch out your incandescent light bulbs for LED bulbs. Not only do they give off less heat, but they also use less electricity and last longer.


Keep yourself cool


Along with taking steps to keep your motorhome cool, it’s important to keep yourself cool too.


Use a portable fan 


Struggling to sleep during the hot summer nights? Portable fans can make a big difference in a small space such as a motorhome or campervan. Use either a plug-in or rechargeable fan to help keep everyone cool and sleeping comfortably. They’re also great for carrying around outside too.


Stay hydrated 


It’s easy to become dehydrated when you’re outside having fun in the sun. Remember to drink plenty of water during the day. A few helpful ways to keep up your hydration levels include:


  • Pack ice blocks in the freezer for the kids.
  • Slice up a cool watermelon or juicy oranges for morning tea.
  • Bring along a soda stream machine to make fizzy water.
  • Carry a water bottle filled with ice and water with you whenever you head out.
  • Set a timer to remind everyone to hydrate throughout the day.


Use a neck cooling towel or portable neck fan 


Neck cooling scarves and towels are cheap, easy to use, and very effective. You simply soak them with cold water and they stay cool and refreshing for hours. Pop one around your neck if you’re out and about or struggling to sleep in the heat. Another handy cooling device is a portable neck fan. These sit around your neck and blow out cool air – very handy!


Take a cool shower before bed 


In the height of summer, climbing into bed when you’re already hot can result in lots of tossing and turning. A quick cooling shower before you hit the sheets can make a big difference! By bringing down your body temperature before bed, you may find you feel more comfortable and fall asleep faster.



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