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What RV To Buy Based On Your Lifestyle

Before you make the exciting purchase of an RV, it’s important to first establish what kind of travel you will be doing so you can be sure you pick the vehicle!

There are a number of different RVs on the market, with each suiting different types of camping styles. Whether you are a family looking for a campervan or motorhome with plenty of living space, or a couple enjoying the simplicity of back-to-basics travel, there are options to suit everyone. 

Before you make this exciting purchase, it’s important to first establish what kind of travel you will be doing so you can be sure you pick the vehicle for you. 

Let’s take a look at what the RV options are, and the types of lifestyle questions you should think about before buying a motorhome or campervan. 


Types of RVs available


Whether you want big, small, or something in between there are plenty of options to choose from with an array of different features available depending on how you like to live on the road. 


Hi-Top Van Conversion  


A High-top van (or Pop-top) is a standard van that has been converted into something you can live in on the road. They usually feature a bed and cooking area, as well as large windows to enjoy the views. 

The benefits of this type of travel van include: 


  • Compact size

Small camper vans are easy to drive and park. If you can drive a standard car, you should have no trouble navigating around in a hi-top camper van. 

  • Simple to maintain

Hi-top camper vans are usually very simple in their facilities which means less maintenance, cleaning and repairs. 

  • Ideal for couples 

Couples that want simplicity and don’t require a lot of room for extra personal items will love this model of the campervan. 

  • Lower price point 

Because Hi-top vans are more functional in design, they tend to have a lower price tag. That may mean you have a bit of extra money for some personal touches such as new seat covers or nice bedding. 




Large Van Conversions


Large van conversions provide more space and self-contained features, such as larger convertible beds, a toilet and shower, plus a reverse cycling air-conditioner/heater. These models are great for couples or small families who want self-contained but compact. 

The benefits of this type of travel van include: 


  • Flexible living

With the inclusion of a toilet and shower, a large van conversion means you have even more flexibility on the road. You won’t need to use campground facilities if you don’t want to, and you can head to more remote locations while being self-contained. 

  • Good sized vehicle 

Large van conversions give you just the right amount of extra space, whilst still being compact enough that the vehicle is easy to drive and park. 

  • Certified self-contained 

Being certified self-contained means you can officially park at spots that require it, such as free camping areas. That means you have the ultimate flexibility with where to stay. 




Coachbuilts are the largest of the motorhome family, are fully self-contained with all the features you could want, plus the most living space of all models.

They offer 3 beds, enough space for 6 people, a separate toilet and shower, and enough space for a full-sized family fridge. 

The benefits of this type of travel van include: 


  • Plenty of living space

A coachbuilt provides plenty of room for entertaining or enjoying family time together. 

  • You can bring everything with you  

Plenty of storage space means you can bring all of your personal belongings including outdoor gear and hobby items. 

  • Ideal for longer period of van travel

The extra space, plus a fridge with enough room for your family road trip means you can be away for longer and fully stocked on the road.  




How to decide what kind of RV you need based on lifestyle


Now that we’ve covered what’s available, let’s take a look at some of the things you should think about when making your decision. 


What are your destinations and routes? 


Different campervans will have different access abilities, so it’s a good idea to think about where you plan to travel to.

For example, outback or rugged areas might be better for an off-road camper van. 

Main cities might be better suited to compact vehicles for parking purposes, and in wilderness areas, you may want to have your own facilities on board. 


How frequently will you travel?


Think about how often you will be travelling, for example, if you are only going away once a year on holiday or for very short trips, it might not be worth investing in a high-end model. 

Those who are on the road more frequently might like a few more creature comforts such as a large fridge or bed, especially if they are going for longer periods of time. 

If you are planning on living in a motorhome full time you would want to decide how that would look for you day to day with on-board facilities and space. 


Do you like freedom camping or luxury escapes?


  • Free camping

Responsible free camping is a great way to save money, but it’s not suited to all kinds of RVs. Most areas do require you to be fully self-contained with water tanks, so if you are planning on free camping you should keep this in mind when choosing a travel van. 

If you are freedom camping you should also think about whether you are happy using (often very basic) shared facilities such as toilets and showers or if you would rather have them on-board. 

  • Luxury escapes 

Those on luxury escapes will likely want to charge tech such as speakers, be able to store extras like wine in the fridge and have plenty of space to spread out.

Luxury escapes are about having all of your creature comforts with you, so do consider space requirements, and look at what different luxury camper van models offer. 


What are your daily routines? 


Whether you are a laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of person or someone who likes to get up early and get things done, there are different types of campervans to suit. 


  • Do you enjoy food preparation?

If you like to prepare meals every day you might like to choose a campervan that has kitchen facilities and plenty of storage for food and cooking equipment. 

  • Are you big on outdoor living?

Those that like to get outdoors regularly for sporting activities such as bike riding or kayaking should consider campervan storage options such as bike racks or external storage compartments. 

  • Do you want to get up and go?

If your lifestyle includes hitting the road early to get in plenty of exploring, you should think about looking for a campervan that offers convenience to save time with things like packing down a bed and storing items away. For example, if you prefer to keep it simple, you might like to choose a campervan with beds that are fixed, or that can be raised out of the way quickly so you can get up and go.  


How much time will you spend in the RV?


If you are spending lots of time inside the vehicle, you may prefer to have a bit more living space, whether it’s for reading books, watching a show or simply enjoying the view from a large window. 

Working remotely has become much more common too, so if that’s something you will be doing, a table to work at could be ideal. 

Those who spend more time outdoors exploring may not require as much space, especially if the camper is just for sleeping. 



Do you like to travel with lots of gear?


One of the biggest differences between RV models is storage space. 

Where a 6 berth motorhome will have plenty of cupboard and external storage space, a hi-top campervan would be better suited to those who are travelling light. 

It’s a good idea to think about what items you will want to bring along for van travel such as craft items, outdoor sports gear, or even a large amount of clothing and shoes.


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