The Benefits of RV Ownership

Travel with freedom in your own motorhome

The Benefits Of RV Ownership

Travelling by RV is one of the best ways to see the country. Just ask the thousands of people who are out there doing it! Over the past few years, more and more travellers are searching out RVs for sale. And it’s little wonder! There are so many benefits to buying an RV. From travelling with your own kitchen and bathroom on board to having the option to travel whenever the mood takes you… RV travel is unmatched for freedom and flexibility.

You may be just starting to think about whether travelling by RV is right for you, or you may already be looking at RVs for sale. Either way, it’s helpful to know some of the great benefits of RV ownership.


What is an RV? 


Before getting into the benefits of owning an RV, it’s important to understand what an RV actually is. RV is short for ‘recreational vehicle’. This can include campervans, pop-top campers, caravans, and motorhomes.

A campervan is an RV that is converted from a van (such as a Mercedes Benz Sprinter or a Toyota Hiace). A motorhome is built on a larger chassis and usually features a bathroom and kitchen. However, many people use the terms ‘campervan’ and ‘motorhome’ interchangeably.


Top benefits of owning an RV


There are many fantastic benefits to hiring an RV, but even more benefits to looking for an RV for sale and owning one yourself!

Thanks to the relaxed Aussie lifestyle and the endless offering of amazing road trips and places to explore, Australia is the perfect country to own an RV.

An RV offers you the flexibility to travel when and where you want to. You can travel at your own pace and discover hidden gems down roads you’d never normally travel. RV ownership is a great way to enjoy exciting new experiences and make fantastic memories that will last forever.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other unbeatable benefits of owning your own RV!


1. Home comforts 


Motorhomes and most campervans are equipped with living, dining, sleeping, kitchen and bathroom facilities. That means that as you travel about on your Australian road trip, you’ve got all the comforts of home with you.

Enjoy cooking your favourite meals and showering in your own bathroom. Spend the day exploring and then come home to your own comfy bed!

One of the great things about owning your own RV is being able to set it up just as you like it. You can slowly start adding motorhome accessories that make your travels even more comfortable and enjoyable. For example, you might like to brighten up the interior with your favourite colour scheme, or perhaps create a retro look. It’s your home on wheels and you get to choose!


2. Less packing 


When you own your own RV, you can keep it set up and ready to roll when the mood takes you.

Motorhomes, especially larger ones, have space to safely store clothing, blankets, outdoor furniture, a barbecue, and non-perishable food such as canned goods. They can all stay in the motorhome which means you only have to pack in a few extras and you’re good to go!

A good idea is to create a checklist of extra items that you like to bring with you. That makes it even easier and faster to get loaded up and off on your next adventure.


3. Independence 


Keen to visit friends and family but they don’t have a spare room? No worries! When you have your own RV, you can just park up in their driveway and you’re sorted! You don’t even need to use their bathroom!

Travelling in your own RV means you never have to worry about accommodation. And you don’t have to feel like you’re imposing on anyone. It’s like travelling with your own free motel room!


4. Temporary accommodation 


Having your own motorhome means you’ve always got extra accommodation on hand. Perhaps you’re having your home renovated or fumigated – no problem, just move into your motorhome while it’s being done! An RV also means you’ve got a spare room if friends or family come to stay.


5. Quality time with loved ones 


Time spent together in an RV strengthens family bonds that are often weakened by our busy daily lives. It’s a great opportunity for family members to reconnect with each other. Travelling by motorhome often means getting back to nature and taking a break from routines, technology, and daily demands. You may even find that teenagers start to re engage and talk more!

Getting back to basics can do families a world of good. Having meals together, playing outdoor games, and discovering new places as a family comes easily when you’re travelling by RV.


6. Pets can go on holiday too 


Planning an exciting family holiday isn’t quite the same when you have to worry about leaving your furry friends in a boarding facility. Most dogs (and even some cats) love travelling with their family! It gives them a chance to discover new smells, sights, and sounds.

It’s a good idea to pack your pet’s must-have holiday items such as:

  • Bed and blankets
  • Collar and lead (including a name tag with your phone number)
  • A portable playpen or dog fence if needed
  • Medication and a first-aid kit
  • Food and bowls
  • Shampoo and towels
  • Poop bags


7. Holiday for less 


Hotels, transfers, and eating out can all start to add up and quickly deplete your holiday budget. But when you travel by RV, you can cross a whole lot of expenses off your list!

One big saving is on being able to make home cooked meals. While having the odd meal out can be nice, there’s nothing quite like having a big plate of pancakes for breakfast or a barbecued dinner. Bring along your favourite bottle of wine, and you’ll be quite happy to bypass restaurants in favour of a home cooked dinner by the beach.

The other big saving, of course, is on accommodation. Not worrying about expensive motel costs means you can enjoy longer holidays and have more money in your wallet for other things.

Travelling by RV is an adventure in itself – parking up to watch the sunset with a glass of wine or waking up early to enjoy a hike in solitude … priceless!


8. Get up close to nature 


Australia has some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. From the vast red outback to white sandy beaches and lush rainforests, our diverse landscape means there’s always something new and exciting to discover around the next corner.

Many of Australia’s best caravan parks and camping sites are out in nature where there isn’t a hotel nearby. When you own an RV, you can take your time to travel off the beaten track in comfort. And once you’re there, you can stay and enjoy it for days (or weeks!) at a time.

Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean with a delicious hot coffee (and perhaps a brekkie croissant!). You can simply sit and enjoy an incredible moment of beauty – there’s nothing better to recharge your soul!


9. Travel on your terms 


Although having a travel itinerary is helpful, you don’t want to be tied to it and miss out on potential opportunities for exploration. Travelling in an RV is the ultimate way to add some flexibility and freedom to your holidays. You can create a rough itinerary that allows you to stay longer in the places you love. Sometimes it’s not until you reach a certain destination that you realise there is a lot more to discover and explore than you expected! When you’re travelling by RV, you don’t have to worry about motel check-out times, paying extra to stay longer, or meeting a flight schedule. You can adapt your plans to suit you!


10. You can set your RV up how you like it 


Hiring an RV is a great introduction to the joys of motorhoming. But it’s a bit like renting compared to owning your own home!

When you buy an RV, you get to decide how you want it to look, what accessories you want, and what customisations you’d like to add. Some RV owners like to kit out their motorhomes to reflect their hobbies or interests. We’ve even seen motorhomes with amazing, customised paint jobs – both inside and out!

If you want to customise your RV, KEA Motorhomes service department can help. From installing a new fridge or solar panels to adding curtains and awnings – we can help you transform your motorhome to suit your travel and comfort needs.


Want to buy a new RV? 


Feeling excited and inspired about exploring Australia in your very own RV? We don’t blame you; we think it’s the very best way to travel!

The first step on your journey to motorhome ownership is to start researching RVs for sale. And one of the best places to look is at KEA ex-rental campervans for sale.

You might also like to pop into your nearest KEA dealership and ask as many questions as you like. The friendly KEA team are motorhome and campervan experts and can help you find the best campervan or motorhome to suit you and your travel lifestyle.

Ready to buy a motorhome with KEA? Take the first step and check out the great range online today.

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