Are Motorhomes A Good Investment?

Here are your questions answered

Are Motorhomes A Good Investment? Your Questions Answered

Thinking about buying a motorhome but unsure if it’s the right move for you? We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together this guide to answer the most commonly asked questions about motorhome ownership. Whether you want to know ‘which motorhomes hold their value’ or ‘is it worth investing in an RV’, we have outlined the essential things you should know before investing in a motorhome.

Owning a motorhome will give you a new sense of freedom. It can be a big investment with big rewards. Travel where you want, when you want. All you have to do is figure out if investing in a motorhome is the right option for you and your lifestyle. 


Are motorhomes a good investment?


A 2018 RV consumer report found that every 1 in 13 households in Australia has a registered RV (recreational vehicle). While that may seem like a lot of people, it’s no surprise. Motorhome ownership can give you a new lease on life. If you love to travel and want to explore more of your own backyard, owning a motorhome is a great way to do so. 

Purchasing a motorhome is a significant investment, but if you know you will get enjoyment out of it for years to come, then it may be the right choice for you. Travelling in a motorhome gives you added flexibility in your travels and can help you save on things like flights and hotels. Best of all, when you’re finished exploring, you can resell and may even be able to recoup some of your initial investment. 

There are various styles and sizes to suit all kinds of travellers. From Toyota Hiace campervans to Mercedez-Bendz Sprinter motorhomes with all the mod-cons - the RV market has it all. That being said, motorhomes are made to be used. If you’re someone who prefers international travel over a domestic road trip, it might not be the right investment for you. Instead of buying a campervan only to have it sit in storage, renting a motorhome for a vacation may be the better choice. 

Not quite sure if a motorhome is for you? Why not try before you buy? KEA’s ‘try before you buy’ program allows new motorhome owners the chance to rent a van with partner companies maui, Britz and Mighty. If you decide you want to buy a KEA motorhome within three months of your motorhome adventure, you can get the cost of the rental covered. Win-win!

Overall, if it suits your lifestyle and you take good care of it (slowing the rate of depreciation!) - a motorhome can be an excellent investment. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons of owning a motorhome in order to protect your investment. 


The benefits of owning a motorhome


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Owning a motorhome is a lifestyle. It’s about owning a slice of freedom to travel where you want and when you want - at a moment's notice. There are plenty of incredible benefits to owning a motorhome. 


Travel at your leisure

Owning a motorhome means that you can enjoy the flexibility of exploring new places on your own schedule- no need to rely on flights and public transport. Hit the road whenever you feel like it. Feel inspired to stop in a small town? Do it. Arrive somewhere, and it’s not quite what you were anticipating? Keep driving. There are no rules out on the open road.


Everything you need at your fingertips

Your motorhome is your home away from home. When buying a motorhome, deciding on the floor plan can often be challenging. However, this is also a blessing in disguise. When choosing a van layout, you can design it to suit you and your lifestyle. Want a TV for your evening show? An oven for easy baking? Your motorhome can have it all. Add a few decorative pieces and creature comforts of home to keep your RV cosy, and you will never miss home while travelling. 


Cost-efficient in the long term

Although there is an upfront cost, it is worthwhile considering the money that you will save on flights, transport and accommodation. If you were to create a budget for your family to go on a trip to another state in Australia, chances are those dollars will add up! In contrast, in a motorhome, you can take advantage of low-cost camping options and cook in your kitchen. 

Best of all, if you take care of your motorhome, you may be able to resell and recoup some of your initial investment. That is not something you can do with your flights! Lastly, while there are some financial benefits, you should also consider the time you will gain from having the flexibility of travelling according to your schedule. That is priceless. 


Rent your camper

The sharing economy has completely changed the face of ownership as we know it. Use this to your advantage by renting out your campervan when it isn't in use. Use platforms like ShareaCamper to find travellers looking to rent a motorhome. Make a little money while keeping your motorhome in regular use and running smoothly. 


The cons of owning a motorhome

van in storage

When you purchase a motorhome, you are buying a vehicle as well as a home. While this is a huge benefit for anyone looking to explore their own country in comfort, there are also some downsides to consider. 


Upfront costs

The initial cost of purchasing a motorhome can be a big upfront investment. 

However, it’s worthwhile to consider this in terms of cost per use. If you regularly use your motorhome to travel, then you will get your money's worth and much more!


Storage costs

Unless you plan to travel full-time in your motorhome, you will need to consider storage options as part of your investment. It is important that you store it in a safe place to protect it from extreme weather conditions. Investing in good storage will ultimately slow down the depreciation rate and protect your investment. 

Storage costs will vary from place to place, so doing your research in your local area is worthwhile. You can easily do this by searching for ‘motorhome storage’ in your town or city. If you are just starting to put the feelers out, you can use an RV storage fee calculator to get a quick estimate of these costs. That way, you can add this to your budget when deciding if a motorhome is a good investment for you. 



Depreciation is a well-known phenomenon in the world of vehicle ownership. Whether you buy new or used, all vehicles will eventually decrease in value over time. However, there are ways in which you can slow this down. This is especially important if the time comes when you want to sell your motorhome. 


How much do motorhomes depreciate?


On average, motorhomes are said to depreciate around 22% each year on average. However, this will vary case-by-case based on several factors, including:

  • The current seller's market
  • The cab chassis
  • Wear and tear of the interior and exterior
  • Kilometres 
  • Brand 

As this is just a guide, to get an accurate calculation of the depreciation of an RV, it is best to have your RV evaluated by a professional. If you are looking for an accurate appraisal, chat with your local KEA-certified dealer. For more information about motorhome depreciation, check out our guide to motorhome depreciation


Which motorhomes hold their value best?


In short - a well-cared-for motorhome from a trusted brand will stand the test of time and maximise the value of your investment. There is no specific model, make or type of chassis you can buy that will hold its value. Instead, choose a reputable brand to buy from and take the appropriate steps to care for your motorhome. This is the best way to ensure your motorhome will maximise its value in its lifetime. 


How to protect your investment


It’s important to take the appropriate steps when investing in your motorhome to ensure the least depreciation and maximise its value.


Store your motorhome safely

As we mentioned earlier, storage is essential for the longevity of an RV. Storage can help protect the chassis and prevent unnecessary deterioration of the window and hatch seals. It is also important to take the proper steps to store your motorhome (such as emptying your water tanks and cleaning the RV to remove grime build-up). These small steps can go a long way in ensuring the value of your vehicle. 


Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is another way to ensure your motorhome maintains its value. Like cars and homes, minor issues will pop up from time to time. Regular services and maintenance will ensure you stay on top of these before they become major concerns. Overall, cleaning and caring for your motorhome goes a long way to help maximise the value of your RV. 

At KEA, we offer two different motorhome maintenance service packages through the RV Sales Centre in Melbourne:

  • Minor service: this includes oil, filter, brakes check, 20-point check, house/safety, and exterior check
  • Major service: this includes oil, filter, fluid change, air filter change, fuel filter change, 30-point check, house/safety, and exterior check 


Why you should choose to invest in a KEA motorhome


Whether you’re buying a brand new or used motorhome, you’ll want to ensure you buy from a trusted brand. Buying from a trusted brand is the best way to ensure it will hold its value. When buying with KEA, you also get the peace of mind of inclusions such as:


  • Reliability 

With over 25 years of experience, KEA is known for producing comfortable, reliable RVs. 

  • Availability of parts 

With a reputable brand like KEA, you have the best access to parts when you need them. 

  • Warranty 

When you buy from a KEA-certified dealer, you have peace of mind with a minimum 12-month mechanical warranty. 

  • Nationwide assistance

With a wide selection of KEA-certified dealers throughout Australia, you will have access to a network of support throughout your RV journey.

  • Service centres 

After purchasing your RV, you can continue to take care of your investment with our motorhome service packages. 


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A motorhome is the ultimate freedom machine. With the right care and preparation, these can be a great investment to see and do more while exploring everything Australia has to offer. For more information on investing in a motorhome, check out our buyer's guides.

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