Bed and lounge conversions in your motorhome in Australia

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Bed and lounge conversions in your motorhome in Australia

Everyone has a different travel style, whether it’s the destinations they choose, the amount of clothes they pack or the time they have to enjoy the sights. 

The same goes for the type of vehicle they choose to buy. This can be dictated by budgets, home storage options or simply personal taste. While the size of the vehicle and engine capacity is important, the internal layout is crucial — this is where you will spend a significant portion of your time while on holiday. The beauty of buying an ex-rental motorhome from RV Sales Centre is that if you don’t like the internal layout with respect to your sleeping and mealtime spaces, the team can easily change it.



Neil MacPherson, RV Sales Centre Production Manager Australia, says the team has recognised that what might be popular for people who are renting a motorhome might not be as attractive to those who will travel in it long-term as an owner.

The biggest change is at the rear of most of the fleet of two-berth, four-berth and six-berth units. There is either usually a club style u]U-shaped lounge, or a fixed bed, and MacPherson says the company’s onsite team is now converting layouts to offer buyers more choice. He says they have listened to customers and are now making the conversions to the RVs before they go up for sale.

“It’s all about us giving customers another option to have another point of difference,” he says. “If we look at our rental fleet and the five different vehicle types, I think there are something like 12-13 different layouts to offer now that we have started to make these layout conversions.” 


The Ultima, Elite and 2 plus 1 models offer rental customers a club-style rear lounge that converts to a bed each night. It’s a bit fiddly to make up your bed every evening but MacPherson says it works well in a rental market where people are only using it for a short amount of time. 

However, from a sales point of view, he says customers were tired of packing it up and down each day, and prefer a permanent bed area — and this is either one double bed or two single beds. 

“Those two options came from customer feedback,” he says. “We have customers saying ‘we’d like a double bed in this’ or single beds in that vehicle, and we were able to develop and design two single bed mattresses and a double that will fit into the back. So now there are three layout options for the one vehicle.”

He says single beds are a better option from a functionality point of view, but it all depends on the owners’ preferences.

“With the double, you actually have to slide out of the end of the bed to get out,” he says. “It’s not ideal but that’s the space we have to work with. But with the singles, you can both just roll out of bed.”



Equally varying layouts are available for the four-berth KEA Beach and KEA Discovery as well as the six-berth Jayco Traveller. Interestingly, MacPherson says the opposite trend is happening to the two-berth models. Customers are preferring to have a club-style lounge in the rear rather than a fixed bed. The Discovery and the Traveller have a luton peak where a bed area can be set up. 

“We seem to be selling more club lounges than fixed beds at the minute, but we are also throwing in tall fridges as well as part of the club lounge conversion which I think is helping to facilitate that,” he says.

Macpherson says trends come and go, which is why the team offer a varied amount of layouts to suit all requirements and tastes.



Rental vehicles come off the fleet at varying times in their life and move on to the sales yard, but customers are also able to request a particular rental vehicle at any time. 

If you are happy with the existing layout, then the vehicle will be serviced, detailed and you can start to enjoy the motorhoming lifestyle.

But if you’d like a particular conversion done, the team can also take care of that for you.

If you have something particular in mind, MacPherson and his team will work with you to tailor-make the layout to suit your needs.