Best RV for retiring couples

The benefits and features of an RV for retirement

Best RV for retiring couples

Are you considering buying a motorhome for retirement? Motorhome ownership can give you a new lease on life. Wide-open roads, beautiful natural wonders to explore - all from the comfort of your very own motorhome. It really is the perfect retirement plan. 

The big question is, what is the best motorhome for you? With so many layouts and RV options, knowing what van conversion is right for you can be a bit tricky. To help, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best RV for you and your retirement adventure.

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The benefits of buying a motorhome for retirement


Motorhomes are perfect for retirees looking for a new lease on life. Travelling in a motorhome allows you to explore new places, keep active, and so much more. Here are just a few of the benefits of motorhome ownership: 


You’ll be able to explore new places


Motorhome ownership gives you the opportunity to explore new places. The freedom of retirement and flexibility of motorhome travel gives you the chance to tick off places that have been on your bucket list for years. 


Motorhomes give you more flexibility


However, it's not all about the new. Travelling Australia in a motorhome is also about creating lasting memories and incredible experiences. Instead of being restricted on time like a normal holiday, travelling in a motorhome means that you can revisit old favourites and discover them in a whole new way. If you stumble across a place you love, you can stay for as long as you like.


Enjoy hassle-free travel


When you have a motorhome, you can travel with everything you need at your fingertips. You don’t have to go through the hassle of airport travel, juggling luggage or moving between accommodations. In a motorhome, you also have the joy of a full kitchen, toilet and shower on board. This means not having to use rest stops or pay for expensive roadhouse food. 


You will stay more active


On the road, you may find yourself driving long stretches, but chances are you will be more active than ever before. Whether it's hiking to capture those mountain top views or enjoying the tourist activities along the way, van travel is sure to keep you on the move. 


What retiring couples should look for in an RV


Motorhomes come in so many shapes and sizes; there’s a motorhome for every kind of traveller. With so many mod cons and optional extras, it can be hard to know which of these are essential. Regardless of whether you are looking to buy the cheapest campervan, a pop-top campervan or a full RV with all the mod cons, these are the essential things you should look for in an RV:


An onboard toilet/shower


When choosing a motorhome, look for a motorhome that has an on board toilet and shower. Whether you intend to only stay at holiday parks or adventure off the grid, a toilet is a great addition to any motorhome. Enjoy the luxury of a toilet on board at night in a holiday park without walking to the amenities block. This is also essential if you hope to get off the beaten track and explore freedom camping areas. For many off-grid camping sites, it is a requirement that you are fully self-contained, so an on-board toliet is a must. 


A reputable brand


Be sure you buy your motorhome from a reputable brand. Things to consider when looking at the brand of a motorhome:


  • Reliable

Has it got a history of producing quality RVs? 

  • Warranty

Does it offer a suitable (12-month+) mechanical warranty? 

  • Assistance

Does the brand have a network and team to help support you through your motorhome buying journey? 

  • Servicing options

Once you have purchased your motorhome, you will need to service it to keep it in top condition. It can be helpful to choose a brand that can assist with this maintenance and have a good knowledge of motorhome servicing and maintenance

  • Availability of parts

With a reputable brand like KEA, you have the best access to parts when you need them. 


It’s comfortable to drive


A big part of travelling Australia in a motorhome is driving long roads to your destination. So it's important that you ensure that the motorhome is comfortable to drive. When purchasing a motorhome, it's worthwhile considering what the items you need to make it a comfortable driving experience - e.g. do you need power steering, cruise control and so on? This will be different for every person so it’s important to understand what those essentials are for your driving experience. 


The best RVs for retiring couples


At KEA, we’ve got a great range of RVs that are perfect for retiring couples.When choosing an RV that will suit you best, consider your lifestyle or the one you hope to move into. Things such as where you will travel and how frequently. As well as whether you prefer freedom camping or luxury escapes. Depending on your preferences, at KEA, we have five RVs that are perfect for retiring couples, including:


KEA Nomad

The Nomad is an explorer's dream. This compact three-berth motorhome comes with all the mod-cons of a larger motorhome while embracing the simplicity of a smaller space. This motorhome is perfect for a couple looking to spend their retirement outdoors, exploring, and just want a safe and comfortable place to cook their meals, relax and sleep at night. 

Features include:

  • Convertible club lounge/ rear double bed 
  • Single fold-out bed for guests 
  • Slide-out BBQ 
  • Reverse cycle heating and cooling 
  • 130L fridge 
  • Gas stove 
  • Toilet 
  • Shower


For more details and full specifications, check out our guide to the Nomad motorhome


KEA Discovery

The Discovery is a four-berth motorhome designed for simple adventuring. Featuring a hydraulic bed that lifts away to the roof, this motorhome is the perfect mixture of a small vehicle and a spacious RV. With no overhead Luton peak over the cab, you can also take advantage of the efficient fuel economy. 


Features include:

  • A hydraulic bed that retracts to the ceiling 
  • Second convertible club lounge/rear double bed
  • Reverse cycle heating and cooling
  • 130L fridge
  • Gas stove and grill
  • Toilet
  • Shower


For more details and full specifications, check out our guide to the Discovery motorhome.


KEA River

The six-berth River is the ultimate home away from home. Featuring three double beds and a large dinette in the middle, there is plenty of room for entertaining. This is ideal for a retiring couple who enjoy having their families and grandkids come to visit or just like a little extra room to spread out. 


Features include:


For more details and full specifications, check out our guide to the River Motorhome


KEA Ultima

The two-berth KEA Ultima is the perfect size for couples looking to get away for long weekends or extended holidays. For extra flexibility, the large rear queen bed can be easily converted to two singles.


Features include:

  • A slide-out barbecue for enjoying tasty meals in no time
  • Options for a double bed or two singles
  • Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • 110L fridge/freezer
  • Gas hob
  • Radio/CD player


For more details and full specifications, check out our guide to the KEA Ultima.


KEA River Platinum

The River Platinum is one of the newest KEA models, combining the most popular KEA design features loved by our customers over the last 25 years. In addition to all the regular mod cons, it also features an outdoor barbecue, electric awning and outdoor speakers. Optimised for outdoor living, this is ideal for a retired couple who love the outdoors but still want all the mod cons for entertaining on the road.

Features include:

  • Option for a club lounge that converts into a rear double bed or a fixed spring mattress
  • Electric awning, step and outdoor speakers
  • Reverse cycle heating and cooling
  • 130L fridge
  • External BBQ
  • Gas stove and grill
  • Toilet
  • Shower


For more details and full specifications, check out our guide to the River Platinum


The KEA difference


When you purchase a KEA motorhome, you get good quality in every detail - that’s the KEA difference. With over 25 years of experience building motorhomes under our belt, we are experts in our field. We also have certified KEA dealers across Australia that can support you through your motorhome buying journey. Our KEA motorhome team can also offer great advice and tips when it comes to motorhome buying, servicing, campervan conversion layouts and more. 


Try before you buy

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At KEA, we understand that buying a motorhome is a big investment. Deciding on the right campervan floor plan for you and your lifestyle can be tricky. What better way to know than to try it out! That is why we have created the option to try before you buy

This program allows you to hire a thl motorhome and get a feel for what it’s like to travel and live in a motorhome. If you decide to buy a motorhome within three months of your rental, you will get the cost of your rental back! That way, you’ll be able to try your KEA motorhome of choice (or maybe even try a few different options) and see which model will work best for you.


Get started with KEA


Travelling in a motorhome is the perfect way to explore retirement. Whether you are exploring old favourites or breaking new ground and ticking off bucket list items, buying a motorhome is a sure way to experience it all. 

If you are looking at buying a camper van, motorhome or RV that is best suited for your retirement, KEA has you covered. Visit KEA and check out our range of campervans today

If you need help choosing the right motorhome or campervan for you, drop into your local KEA dealership or chat with the KEA team online. Our team are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to motorhome buying, maintenance, van conversion and more, and will happily answer your motorhome buying questions.